Custom Packaging Available to fit your needs.   
  Our Autobagger provides custom and bar code printing.  This unit can be used to package parts or kits in a heat sealed bag.   Our Zebra printer is utilized to produce 4″ X 4″ and 4″ X 8″ bag or box labels.  Can be customized with your company logo, bar code, and anything else you need.   
     Parts can be individually bagged with instructions for example, or any items that are required by our customers.   Sun Tech works closely with our customers to define the best project result.   
      We offer a low cost bulk packaging option.  For example, utilizing our raw material gaylords or bulk packing parts in a box to save additional costs when bagging is not necessary.  All types of customer packaging provided; boxes or gaylords on skid pallets, or customer provided returnable packaging such as baskets or totes.