About Us

Founded in 1998, Sun Tech Industries takes pride in meeting and exceeding customer requirements.  Located in Ravenna, NE, we are a locally owned and operated custom plastic injection molding company who strives to provide excellent quality at a competitive price.

We are known for building excellent business relationships as well as going above the call of duty when it comes to the way we take care of our customers.  Our strengths of delivery, competitive pricing and quality products back up this distinction. 

Our extensive history of serving reputable companies stems from our unwavering devotion placed on quality service and dependable parts.   Customer attention resides forefront with emphasis on superior lead times, timeliness in delivery and focus to customer feedback. 

We base our manufacturing distinction in the plastic injection molding industry through consistent precision matched with dedicated attention to fulfilling customers’ needs.  Our foundation of service has been laid with critical focus placed on dependability in products, quality and delivery.  

Dependability has been the stronghold for our customers .  Devotion is placed on providing quick order fulfillment, expedient delivery, and flexible needs adjustments during production.